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Muni Poetry - Dispatch from Muni Diaries Live, Haiku Battle 2019

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This article is part of a poetry series dedicated to every Muni route in San Francisco. You can find the poet, Mc "Mack" Allen, on twitter at @that_mc.

Muni Diaries, the much loved and long running website and podcasts that collects stories of San Francisco through the lens of Muni held it’s 20th sell-out live show this Saturday, November 2nd. It was an outstanding evening of storytelling, boaty bois and a transcendent public service announcement on Muni etiquette delivered in song by Jefferson Bergey

The Bay City Beacons’ own Muni Poet, Mc Allen, who won the Muni Haiku Battle in April, returned to the stage to face off (poetically) against comedian and writer Wonder Dave.  Though Wonder Dave won over the crowd and captured the title, we are nevertheless pleased to present the second best Muni Haiku of the season under the Muni Poetry banner:

Dispatch from Muni Diaries Live, Haiku Battle 2019

Hey Muni, how about
no parking at any bus stop?
That’s some stupid shit

Sure sex is great but
did you get a late night transfer
In the early afternoon?

Info gladly given
but safety requires you to
Shut the Fuck Up, thanks

Escalator broke–
What’s BART gonna do bout it?
Fare gates crush skulls now!

Warriors Arena, Giants Park
The transbay transit center–
No corporate place names.

Where is the T Third?
Exactly where is the T?
I want to go home.

Cast off at Market
and float over the railwaves,
Summertime Boat Tram.

Bus Rapid Transit
or preserve some old lamp posts?
Y’all, the world is burning.

Man wearing backpack
on overstuffed N Judah
can go straight to hell

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