Muni Poetry - Great Highway (18 46th Avenue)

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This article is part of a poetry series dedicated to every Muni route in San Francisco. You can find the poet, Mc "Mack" Allen, on twitter at @that_mc.

Great Highway (18 46th Avenue)

Before dawn
foghorns call me
from the depot.
I grace the cities fringe;
mine is the westernmost route.
My banner is the sails
of the windmills and
my oath is to the Legion of Honor,
soaked in fog.
I am chaperone to scholars
detached from examination;
they depart with glee
to inspect the bison
grazing in their paddock.
The gaze of Rodin’s Thinker
rests upon giant freighters
steeped in sea spray
gliding past my
roundabout fountain.
My evening shadow
is cast across the sunset.
I dream the alphabet
intoned in reverse.
Before dawn
foghorns call me
from the depot.


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