This article is part of a poetry series dedicated to every Muni route in San Francisco. You can find the poet, Mc "Mack" Allen, on twitter at @that_mc.

M. Mole

M. Mole scampers into
Old Mole Hole
dug by enterprising ancestors,
once most westerly of
passageways, though
the digging is not through,
is never through
for moles.
Their tunnel vision still
strikes sparks from
The Rails of Imagination

And Eureka!

A plan to dig another burrow.
Always boring, building
the next generation of moleways:

Navigating by touch
to Stonestown
Or the Beach
Or the Pier
Or the Park
Or the Bay
The Mole Metropolis
could still stretch
deeper and further,
More tunnels to share
with the municipal worms.

M Mole makes
the dark Market trip
and turns back in darkness too,

Always boring
toward the next fertile field,
blinking and dazzled
by an ocean view.

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