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Muni Poetry - Nine Haikus

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This article is part of a poetry series dedicated to every Muni route in San Francisco. You can find the poet, Mc "Mack" Allen, on twitter at @that_mc.


For eleven years, Muni Diaries, the much loved podcast and blog has shared tales about San Francisco life told through stories about riding Muni. They have hosted many live shows bringing storytellers, comedians, muni operators to the stage to share their experiences. A long running feature of these shows is the Muni Haiku Battle, a face off between two poets judged by members of the audience.

For the most recent Muni Diaries Live, on April 6th at the Rickshaw Stop, the reigning haiku champion, stand up comic and writer Alexandria Love faced off against the Bay City Beacon’s own Muni Poet Mc Allen in a three round bout for an inflatable crown. It was an incredibly close contest, and in the end Mc managed to clinch victory by a single vote. 

Read more about the Muni Diaries Live show here.

This week, rather than present a single poem about an individual route, we’re reprinting all nine of Mc’s Muni Haikus.

Mc Allen Performing

Mc Allen performing at the Muni Diaries Live Haiku Battle. Credit: Right Angle Images



Muni Haikus

This nineteen bus
Went out of service again
Stop barfing in there

Market Street Railway
Dreamy cream green streamliner

Ocean Beach in June
Waiting for the twenty three
My ass is frozen

Mission red carpet
Fourteen is so much faster
Fuck your parking spot

Unhoused family
Sharing the back bench all night
Their baby is safe

Streetcars have a bell:
“Ding ding, ding ding!” And a horn:
“Move, Motherfucker!”

Escalator broke
in Civic Center and every
elevator reeks

J Lurch, K Lied
L Terri-ble and N Judas
M Motion-less, T turd.



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