The Cover of the Rogue Pulse/Gravity Collapse Compilation.

Oakland-based record label Ratskin Records is releasing a massive 12-hour compilation to honor fallen friends. Combining forces with a huge list of artists and producers, the ten CD box set and release party doubles as a fundraiser for the Ghost Ship Fire victims, through the Oakland Immediate Fire Relief Fund and St. James Infirmary, as well as to the Black Lives Matter national chapter Bail Fund. 

Last December’s took Ghost Ship warehouse fire took 36 lives and sent shockwaves of trauma through the community. Among the many who were displaced, many other non-traditional living and creative spaces were placed under scrutiny. While the Ghost Ship tragedy tore a hole in the underground music community it also serves as a rallying point for many, including Ratskin Records.

The "Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse" compilation spares no attention to detail and became available for pre-order, both digitally or as a physical CD boxset, early this month. The box-set includes 10 discs of music housed in original art print sleeves, a 16 page booklet with liner notes, writings, and credits, one full color 5x7 limited edition print and a photograph. A digital download will be included with the physical copy, which includes high-resolution images and scans of all media.

Over the span of twelve hours, the compilation covers a wide range of electronic music—noise, electro, trap, experimental electronics, industrial,  esoteric metal, synthwave, and some genres that are totally new to me. The producers come with a shared unity when it comes to their goal of “bridging the gap between creators and radical modes of resistance, fundraising, networking and solidarity.”

Ratskin Records was started in 2005 by Andre Stafford and Jason McCarty (JSUN), a victim of the Ghost Ship Fire and beloved part of the Bay Area arts and music community. It is now run by JSUN’s friends and labelmates, MD and Victor Vankmen.

As MD shared with us, “Both Victor and I lost many friends in the Ghost Ship fire and we lost JSUN who helped start Ratskin Records. We’re deeply connected to many of the subsections of various communities that were affected, as were most of our closest friends and family, who lost bandmates, roommates, partners and family.”

The record label promotes a slew of like-minded producers from all over the country, with many local projects underway.

Ratskin further adds that, “The artist edition release is in direct response to the rapidly worsening, violent, political and philosophical conditions in our current state.”


Photo of Jsun, Ryan King, and MD aka Coral Remains.

The Ratskin Records Release Party

While one could only guess at how long it took to put together a music compilation of this size, Ratskin doesn’t stop there. The crew has put together a release party to accompany, with 50% of the door ticket sales going toward their fundraising efforts.

The official Ratskin Records release party for the "Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse” compilation is Saturday, August 26 at Pro Arts Gallery (150 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland). This show include keyboard-based soundscapes from Headboggle (a.k.a. Derek Gedalecia), Laetitia Sonami, Spellfish,a project of Oakland-based sound artist Neha Chriss, and Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt (aka Shizatin).

$5-$25 will be requested and 50% of door will be donated to the same benefactors as thcompilation: St James Infirmary, Black Lives Matter and The Oakland Immediate Fire Relief Fund.


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