Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossom Festival 2017

Like every great San Francisco weekend, there are a couple of parades across the City you can choose from.

If you're into eggs, bunnies, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, you should check out the Union Street Easter Parade and Spring Festival. If you're not religious, don't worry - it's much more about the eggs and bunnies and candy than religious iconography. (There's no religious iconography.)

If you're into flowers, anime, pink, and Japanese culture, then head over to the Cherry Blossom Parade and Festival. Japantown and the San Francisco Japanese American community gives 110% of their energy into organizing this every year, and it's one of the best festivals in the City.

But if you're looking for a very different experience this weekend, there's always the San Francisco International Beer Festival. Over 100 brewers come out to show their craft and give you the ability to taste as many different beers as possible in a three-hour period. Plus, the proceeds benefit the Tel-Hi Cooperative Nursery School, so you're doing all of this for a good reason. (Really.)

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