Trump Cartoon

You probably saw the news. President Donald Trump is sending a team to the Bay Area to fix homelessness.

To which I say:

Have at it, dude.

Because there is nothing we enjoy more than to have some blowhard jet in from 3,000 miles away to lecture us about what we should be doing.

On the other hand, if Trump fixes homelessness, you can shut my mouth and call me Chris Daly.

There is one thing though.

This isn’t one of those easy problems to fix, like North Korea or the trade war with China. (How are those going by the way?)

Around here, we’ve been at this for a while. We’ve thought outside the box. We’ve come at it from a new perspective. We’ve disrupted the system.

And we still walk past homeless people on the street every single day. So if you can find a way to simultaneously get folks into a safe place to live and also make our streets cleaner and safer, we’d love to hear it.

Just to save you some time, here are a few of the things we’re tried:

We tried strictly enforcing the laws and putting scofflaws in jail. But they come out jail, still homeless.

We’ve tried a big shelter on a pier south of town. The homeless people hated it and it disappeared.

And we’ve tried do-gooders handing out tents for homeless people. That just created tent cities.

Now we’re building Navigation Centers, but NIMBY’s don’t want them in their neighborhood.

So Mr. President if you have some new ideas, just let us know -- as soon as you have that trade war under control.

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