Mayor London Breed Press Conference

Mayor London Breed did her big reveal for the November 2019 ballot on Wednesday when she announced two major ballot measures to streamline 100% affordable housing and teacher housing production. 

Her first ballot measure is a Charter Amendment which would make 100% affordable housing and 100% teacher housing subject to as-of-right approval in San Francisco. It would exempt those developments from the costly and time-intensive Discretionary Review and Conditional Use permitting process.

But the Charter Amendment faces a long, uphill climb before it reaches the ballot. It requires at least 6 supervisor signatures to get on the November ballot, and Mayor Breed only has two co-sponsors so far (Supervisors Ahsha Safai and Vallie Brown).

Mayor Breed also announced a separate initiative ordinance that would rezone all public parcels (except for parks) to allow affordable housing as-of-right. Public parcels currently must undergo an extensive rezoning and CEQA review before they are allowed to hold affordable housing units. The Francis Scott Key Annex teacher housing project, for instance, has been held back for more than 18 months while awaiting its rezoning review.

Luckily for Mayor Breed, her initiative ordinance only takes one signature to get on the ballot: her own.


Supervisor Gordon Mar also made a big ballot play this week by announcing his IPO Tax ballot measure at the Budget and Finance Committee. The SF Chronicle reports that the IPO tax would be implemented as a 1.12% payroll tax on stock-based compensation.

Companies would be charged the payroll tax every time their employees cashed out of their stock options, and would include companies that have already IPO'ed this year (sorry, Lyft).

Mar needs 6 supervisor signatures to put the measure on the ballot for this November.


Supervisor Vallie Brown's Safe Overnight Parking Pilot Program ordinance pass unanimously at the Board of Supervisors. The ordinance provides residents living in their cars and RVs a safe place to park and sleep overnight, while also connecting them with homeless and housing services.

The ordinance is personally significant to Supervisor Vallie Brown personally, who also experienced vehicular homelessness when she was young. It also represents an early legislative win for Supervisor Brown, giving her a track record on homelessness prior to her November 2019 election.


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