George Gascon


Progressive opponents of Mayor London Breed are shocked (shocked!) that she has appointed Suzy Loftus as interim District Attorney, when Loftus is running for the job.

Really? Sounds like politics as usual. I hope they don't find out that Breed also appointed Vallie Brown supervisor in District 5, when Brown is running for that office.

If you'd like to get mad at someone, I'd suggest George "See Ya" Gascón, whose sudden departure would be rife with speculation -- if it wasn't so welcome.

What a long, strange trip it was for George. He came to town as a law-and-order police chief -- such a stickler, he had to be talked out of taking on the bicycle anarchy of Critical Mass.

But after becoming District Attorney, he took a lurch to the left. And from there, he was most often seen at press conferences explaining why charges could not be brought at this time.

Which brings us here. Does this sound familiar? Homelessness is one thing, but IV drug use on the sidewalk is another.

Even as the city announces another ambitious Mid-Market revival, we see open-air drug dealing right on that block. How is it possible nothing can be done?

It doesn't take much reading between the lines to see what the mayor wants. She talks about criminals "not being held accountable." And 'Loftus' campaign stresses she's going to "turn things around."

Loftus' opponent, Chesa Boudin, is impressive, but he's a public defender. My impression is that the Public Defender's office runs circles around the District Attorneys. It may be part of the reason why it seems so few charges stood up in the Gascón era.

It's pretty obvious the mayor wants a change. And she expects Loftus to bring it. She may as well get started now.

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