Catherine Stefani Gun Control Rally

Supervisor Catherine Stefani at a rally with Moms Demand Action.

Cue the eye rolling. You can imagine how it played around the country when San Francisco Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution calling the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization.”

Yep, that sounds like SF, the spiritual nexus of the Left Coast; the city that declared itself a nuclear free zone and wanted to ban Happy Meals.

Laugh away middle America.

Except . . . here’s a point.

I think it was a great idea. 

For starters, the NRA went positively apoplectic. They (seriously) filed a federal lawsuit. It contains the kind of over-heated invective that you hear from someone whose goat has been gotten.

The result was to guarantee another full day of national coverage. And it gave Supervisor Catherine Stefani, who introduced the resolution, a chance to troll the organization with, “The NRA is a terrorist organization that isn’t succeeding at much of anything.”

And second, although the resolution is mostly symbolic, it reminds us -- the NRA’s solution to gun violence is more guns. 

It has fought long and hard, financially and politically, to continue to make assault weapons available to the general public. And, using those terrible, rapid-fire killing machines, mentally disturbed shooters have carried out heartbreaking mass murders in our public spaces.

Surely those shootings are acts of terror. And, if the NRA is actively aiding and promoting access to the weapons that committed those acts, isn’t the organization aiding and promoting terrorism? Making it a domestic terrorist organization?

It’s a thoughtful way to reframe the NRA debate. And it is a reminder that there are times when San Francisco takes the lead on serious issues.

Now, back to banning Happy Meals and nuclear-free zones.

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